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An example of an object: hen house dimensions 120 x 18m 2160m2
Assumptions – to achieve light intensity on the floor (padding ) = max 60Lux

Installation of lights at a height of 3.5 m from the floor
The intensity of light from the above amount for binding fluorescent is 60Lux

while for AS Led 80Lux

For comparison, we use the traditional fluorescent lamp (T8) 36W 3350lm vs. AS Led 21W 2304lm

To achieve the above parameters, the lighting should be used:

Source of light Traditional fluorescent IP65 in housing Lamp AS Led IP68
The power of one piece 36 W 21 W
Power after summing 2 304 W 1 155 W
Power difference 50,13%
Price 1kWh PLN
The cost of lighting lamps by1h 1,15 PLN 0,58 PLN
Number of hours of light a day
Years light
Total expenses (power x time x years) 15 137,28 PLN 7 588,35 PLN
Saving on energy costs 7 548,93 PLN
The purchase price 1pc lamp PLN PLN
Total purchase price 12 800,00 PLN 19 250,00 PLN
The difference in purchase 6 450,00 PLN
The difference in the purchase minus savings on energy -1 098,93 PLN

As follows from the above simulation expensive purchase at the beginning due to savings on electricity costs has been compensated with a vengeance (1098zł) after 3 years of operation. If you take more into account the number of conventional fluorescent lamps and their fittings, which at that time they should fail, plus the degree of wear after 3 years of operation, the difference would be much greater. Assuming a minimum service life of 5 years, we can safely say that the savings generated by the lamps AS Led allow 100% to cover the difference in their expensive purchase . Additionally they generate savings 6000zł. In addition to the financial benefits we present other advantages of using LED lamps:

• realization of the smooth brightening and dimming lighting (sunrise and sunset)

• No flicker of light (known for fluorescent lamps)

• improving the well-being of animals

• better overall welfare and reduced mortality

• easy and user-friendly programming method of controlling the lighting in daily cycles with arbitrarily set the power of light (from 0 to 100%) resulting in comfort of use and additional saving electricity consumption

• more favorable spectrum of light emitted by the LEDs and the corresponding color temperature of light

• the ability to change the color of the emitted light from white to blue gives great opportunities for the capture of animals, it allows to carry out the necessary procedures without unduly disturbing the animals

• the ability to easily clean luminaires and safe cleaning of pressure equipment without fear of damage or loss of containment fixture (IP68)

• very high degree of resistance to mechanical damage fixtures (IK10)

• incomparably longer life time of AS LED lamp and behavior of the nominal luminous flux during the whole life cycle / operation

Comparison of the data for the same amount as the lights were included in the simulation above.

Source of light The traditional bulb Compact fluorescent lamp Traditional fluorescent lamp AS Led
Lighting power 60 W 32 W 36 W 21 W
Light beam 806 lm 2255 lm 3350 lm 2304 lm
Life expectancy 1500 h 8000 h 15000 h 50000 h
Remaining life -11640 h -5140h 1860 h 36860 h
Number of lights 55
Number of hours a day 12
Number of years 3
The price for 1 kWh 0,50 PLN
Lighting time 13140 h
Energy consumption 43 362,0 kWh 23 126,4 kWh 26 017,2 kWh 15 176,7 kWh
Total cost 21 681,00 PLN 11 563,20 PLN 13 008,60 PLN 7 588,35 PLN
The cost of lighting the 1 lamp for 1h 0,0300 PLN 0,0160 PLN 0,0180 PLN 0,0105 PLN
The effectiveness of one lamps 13 lm/W 70 lm/W 93 lm/W 115 lm/W
The cost amounts lm / W for 1 hour one lamp 0,0023077 PLN 0,0002286 PLN 0,0001935 PLN 0,0000913 PLN
Amount of 1% of the light beam lamps AS Led in lm 34,98% 97,87% 145,40% 100,00%
Luminous flux after summing lamps 44 330 lm 124 025 lm 184 250 lm 126 720 lm

The comparison showed that the AS Led lamp has a lower luminous flux than the traditional fluorescent lamp but if we analyze the intensity of light on the ground is a different matter. Please pay attention for the life time of the light source and energy costs.